5 Style Tips for Busy Moms

Whether you spend your weeks at board meetings or the playground these five tips will help you get out the door faster and save time each morning.

Here are 5 Fashion Tips for the Busy Moms Out There

  1. Start With a Good Foundation
  2. Get Dressed...With a Dress
  3. Select Your Weeks Outfits on a Sunday Night
  4. Group Outfits in Your Closet
  5. Only Buy Machine Wash or Hand Washable Clothes

Start with a Foundation of Great Basics

A white button down, dark skinny jeans, the perfect LBD or a chic jacket. Keep multiples of each so you always have a clean one.

If you have these basic foundation pieces and you’ve chosen clothes that you love - building a wardrobe around them will not only be easy it will be fun!

Keep a few accessories within reach. Accessories like a leopard print scarf or statement earrings will make any basic outfit look chic. Layer two or three dainty necklaces for an easy, on-trend look. 

Get Dressed With a Dress

Dresses are the easiest article of clothing to wear if you’re short on time. They're a one-and-done outfit. Unlike blouses, skirts, and pants which need to be coordinated a dress (or even a jumpsuit) is quick. Bonus: dresses are more comfortable than jeans.

Select a Weeks Worth of Outfits on Sunday Night

At the start of each week pick out what you plan to wear for the week. Planning your outfits will help you see what needs to be washed beforehand.

As you pick out a weeks worth of outfits think of re-wearing items in different iterations throughout the week to save time, for example the button down you wore tucked into black skinny pants on Monday can be worn tied in front with high waisted jeans on Friday.

Closet Organization

Put together outfits and group them together on one side of your closet. Each night grab your clothes, accessories and undergarments and place them in your bathroom or wherever you get dressed, so they’re ready for you in the morning.  

Only Buy Machine or Hand Washable Clothes

Save dry clean only clothes for special occasions. Hand washing clothes doesn’t need to be time consuming.

Throw your clothes in the bathtub with a tablespoon of your favorite body wash and let the clothes soak while you get ready for bed.

Give them a quick rinse and lay them flat on a bath towel before bed.

Following these style tips will make getting dressed easy and fun!

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