How to Wear a Kimono

Kimonos are a popular trend that’s here to stay. Women love them because they are light, hello 90 degree temps, travel-friendly i.e. wrinkle resistant and they fit a variety of body types.

But some women just aren’t sure how to style them or whether a kimono is the right fit for them. 

What is a Kimono?

Kimonos are typically comprised of polyester or rayon or some blend of the two making them a light layering piece for warm weather. They tend to be flowy but can sometimes look too big or swallow a petite woman.

So how do you decide if a kimono is right for you and how in the heck do you wear one?

Styling Your Kimono Based on Body Type

First of all, every woman and every body type can rock a kimono, you just need to know what to look for. If you’re on the shorter side you’re going to want to avoid a kimono that’s extra long and instead look for kimonos that tie in front or hit right at the waist, like this one.

If your heart pulls you in the direction of a longer kimono then choose one with side slits. The side slits give a peek at what you’re wearing underneath while at the same time allowing the garment to move with you and add visual interest to your overall outfit.

A taller woman or plus sized ladies will look good in a long kimono (think knee length). Side slits here would look flattering. A small print or solid color kimono would be appropriate but look for one with an extra detail like crochet trim sleeves or lace insert along the back.

Now that you know what to look for, consider how to wear a kimono. For instance if you pair it with a dress choose a slim fitting dress, such as this one, to offset the loose and flowy fit of the kimono.

How to Pair Outfits With a Kimono

With a kimono, and with all things in life, it’s all about balance. So if you’re wearing a kimono anchor the flowy fit with a pair of skinny jeans or shorts and a bodysuit.

Don’t forget the best part about owning a kimono is the versatility it lends when traveling. Wear it over your swimsuit at the beach, dress it up for dinner with a dress and heels and dress it down for sightseeing with cut-offs.

Either way you choose to wear it have fun with it. Fashion should be fun and kimonos should be easy to wear. Don’t overthink it.

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